Berlin Rebelsvs Berlin Bears

15:00, 01. September 2019


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Shedule & Results

27/04/2019 Berlin Bears21:48 Berlin Rebels
04/05/2019 Berlin Bears13:70 Berlin Adler
12/05/2019 Spandau Bulldogs59:06 Berlin Bears
01/06/2019 Berlin Adler70:06 Berlin Bears
22/06/2019 Berlin Bears10:20 Berlin Thunderbirds
06/07/2019 Berlin Bears20:00 Tollense Sharks
13/07/2019 Berlin Thunderbirds21:07 Berlin Bears
20/07/2019 Berlin Bears38:65 Cottbus Crayfish
27/04/2019 Berlin Bears21:48 Berlin Rebels
04/05/2019 Cottbus Crayfish14:68 Berlin Bears
04/05/2019 Berlin Bears12:56 Berlin Kobras
21/09/2019 Berlin Adlervs Berlin Bears
08/09/2019 Berlin Bearsvs Berlin Thunderbirds
08/09/2019 Berlin Bearsvs Cottbus Crayfish

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final result

Match Review VS. Rebels

Due to the importance of the game for both teams facing a relegation battle, it took a slow start with both defensive sides forcing turnovers and much of the first quarter action consisted of strong defence.

Berlin Bears21:48 Berlin Rebels
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